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OBRS_Foto: T. Lohmann
OBRS_Intertview 1
OBRS_Intertview 2

FOTO: Timo Lohmann 

OBRS Hintergrund Beispiel
OBRS Hintergrund Beispiel mit Personen
Wandbild OBRS Eingang

One Button Recoding Studio

OBRS is a fully automated film studio designed and implemented by the Network Media Center (Zentrum Netzwerk Medien) at the University of Cologne. 

OBRS enables an independent production of

short educational videos, interviews, and sample lectures without special technical knowledge. 


During the development of the OBRS, I was involved as a designer in the following activities:


1. development of a series of icons and associated thumbnails for the OBRS interview mode app which turns on after the studio is entered and automatically adjusts image section and light according to the selected scenario. 


2. development of backgrounds according to the corporate design of the University of Cologne.


3. design of room elements, e.g. table coverings;

design and implementation of a mural for the entrance area of OBRS 1.

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